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Dear Neighbor

At our Executive Board meeting last month, we were briefed by the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) on plans to close the gap in the Roosevelt Way NE bike lane. This gap is located between NE 75th and NE 85th in the Maple Leaf neighborhood.

Neighbors in the immediate area objected to the loss of parking. Your Executive Board assisted these neighbors in communicating their concerns as well as adding concerns about possible slowing of bus service through the intersections at NE 80th and NE 75th. We asked SDOT to do more studies, which they did.

SDOT determined the intersections at NE 80th and NE 75th were operating at much lower efficiency than they expected. They acknowledged their initial plan would have worsened things. They also saw how buses impeded traffic flow in the area due to multiple in-lane stops.

SDOT still proposes to complete the bike lane along the east side of Roosevelt and to take out several parking spaces. You can see details in their presentation below – which we have added comments to based on our conversations with SDOT.

According to SDOT’s data, there are enough parking spaces left to handle even the peak parking they saw during their multi-seasonal surveys. However, that parking may be located across the street from where homeowners and their guests are used to parking.

Under the new proposal, traffic flow in the area will not be diminished according to SDOT. In fact, there may be improvements because some of the parking that is being removed will allow buses to pull to the curb instead of stopping in traffic. This will reduce the current three in-lane stops to just one.

In response to comments received both from Maple Leafers and others across the city, the parking “lane” and the bike lane will both be one foot wider in this area than seen throughout the rest of the city.

Everyone will have multiple opportunities to comment on this proposal. SDOT will be at our Summer Social on July 25 with information. SDOT will hold an Open House on the proposal, probably at the Northgate Community Center, in August. You can also email SDOT your comments – the contact information is at the end of the presentation link above.

Our thanks to SDOT for agreeing to do additional study to address our neighborhood’s concerns. We look forward to hearing what you have to say over the next couple of months.

Warm regards,

Your Maple Leaf Community Council Executive Board

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